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Book distribution hare krishna temple, london book. So at that time, late 1974, prabhupada was in texas, in dallas. That all arthors within iskcon submit their proposed new book projects intended for mass distribution to the bbt trustees for their blessings at the annual mayapur. Book distribution iskcon congregational development ministry. We broke down his door and took every book and went on a three day book distribution marathon. Iskcon books distribution srila prabhupada home facebook. Srila prabhupada arrived in us at 70 years of age and preached alone in the snow of new york, distributing his srimad bhagavatams. No common man can work so hard, it is not possible. Radhapati prabhu from iskcon chowpatty speaks on his experiences during book distribution marathon. Rameshwar p of iskcon shares bhagavad gita wisdom with commonwealth games gold medalist babita kumari on her wedding day with vivek.

The beginnings of book distribution was almost, you could say an accidental discovery. Please find the links below to all 17 volumes of srila prabhupadas original sri caitanyacaritamrta exactly as it was published by srila prabhupada in 1974 srila prabhupada stressed so much to radhavallabha prabhu, the production manager at the bbt when sri caitanyacaritamrta was first printed, that once this book. We regret to notify you that as of the 19th of march 2020 we will not be holding our sunday feast program and we have also decided to restrict any upcoming temple festival gathering until further notice. Everyone in our community supports this most important task. I came across your website recently and was really inspired. Gita jayanti and christmas book distribution marathon. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Stories of iskcon book distribution 1 chant hare krishna. So it is a great opportunity to give the bhagavadgita to others as a gift. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a page. The seven secrets of highly successful book distributors. At iskcon of houston, we observe all traditional iskcon worship services, offerings and ceremonies to serve sri sri radha nilamadhava and all deities.

Gear up for book distribution marathon 2016 iskcon kolkata. Nov 30, usa sun gita jayanti and the holiday season are coming at the same time. Ocean of mercy hare krishna book distribution in europe 1986 24. Here you will find book distribution stories, quotes, videos, audio, images, etc. Ki jai over 78000 copies of bhagavadgita distributed during book marathon by the hare krishna movement srila prabhupada with books i am always happy to see srila prabhupadas books being distributed. Part five of the srila prabhupada book distribution seminar is titled. Very ecstatic program where mukunda goswami and iskcons american book distributors talk about how they are distributing srila prabhupadas books in the united states in 1987. Book distribution is the hare krishnas most important activity. The international society for krishna consciousness iskcon, known colloquially as the hare krishna movement or hare krishnas, is a gaudiya vaishnava hindu religious organisation. These books are so potent that anyone who reads them is sure to become krishna conscious, so it is a very valuable service to distribute our books. And in laguna beach, california, where book distribution rose 1,000% in 2011 and another 33% in 2012, theyre aiming for an increase of at least another 20% in 20. The nectar of sankirtan usa 1987 mukunda gosvami and book. This is a great idea, that everyone can distribute at least 50 books.

Ramesvara 1981 interview on history of iskcon full text. In celebration of the 50th anniversary since the incorporation of the international society for krishna consciousness iskcon, the aim of the manor devotees was to distribute 100,000 of srila prabhupadas book in just one month. Madanamohanamohini dasis book distribution giriraj swami. Devotees would sing, distribute books, and proselytize in airports and other public areas, often obtrusively. Contact iskcon books distribution srila prabhupada on messenger. Lots of books and same the hair cut last year i wrote this blog, new looks, lots of books and a new haircut about distributing the new bbt books at the warped tour. Our book distribution program is most important work. Srila prabhupadas books have changed hundreds of thousands of lives in a very positive way. The annual book marathon is always a very special time, but last december was extraordinary.

The programme is supported by the iskconlondon sankirtan team, who organise a full day of book distribution in wimbledon on the day of the workshop. Book distribution giriraj prabhu hun kyare pan pustak vitran chodis nahi gujarati. Book distibution seminar given by vaisesika prabhu in dallas, feb 2006, showing how to distribute srila prabhupadas books and describing the importance of this service to. One day when we were going to distribute srila prabhupadas books we had to board iskcon book distribution vehicle and we left the temple by 9. Last day of marathon december 31st last day of 2019 last chance to distribute srila prabhupadas books this. All members of iskcon, all friends of iskcon, are welcome to take 50 books, a. Chanting hare krishna on the street 810 hours daily. Be a giver campaign unites the world for book distribution marathon. They are working in trance, not on the material platform.

Viewing topic 1 of 1 total topic voices replies last post what is my contribution to srila prabhupadas book marathon. In 1981, he went to japan and started book distribution and harinama programs there. We sure cant imitate srila prabhupada, but at least we can try to follow. That was the discovery of the first christmas marathon.

He was incredibly eager to hear the figures of how many books were being distributed. Message from vaisesika prabhu 2 min video hare krishna. We regret to notify you that as of the 19th of march 2020 we will not be holding our sunday feast program and we have also decided to restrict any upcoming temple. The books such as bhagavadgita and srimadbhagavatam are translated by iskcon founder acarya srila a. Revolution in a readers life subscribe to receive more contents like this posted on dec 26, 2014 in sankirtan stories hare krsna, please accept my humble obeisances, all glories to srila prabhupada. Welcome to, the premier source to expand your transcendental book distribution in service of srila prabhupada. Iskcon centres cover a wide range of activities from temple worship to preaching, book distribution, farming, free food distribution, restaurants, education, and.

Iskcon columbus congregation performs book distribution of vedic literature on weekends, special occasions and during festivals by going out on streets, door to door and at different public places. Take a look around, learn cuttingedge strategies, gain insight from veteran devotees, and drop us a note with your thoughts wed love to hear from you. The international society for krishna consciousness iskcon, known colloquially as the hare. The hare krishna community of dallas fort worth iskcon for interviews and temple tours contact. I am not a very voracious book distributer but have a small story to tell. This entry was posted in centers, city, dallas, north america, texas, united states of america, websites and tagged sri jagannatha baladeva subhadra, sri sri gaura nitai, sri sri radha kalachand on june 7, 2011 by iskcon desire tree. These books i have recorded and chanted and they are transcribed. On this website you will find accounts of book distributors realizations, videos and audio of book distributors, many adventurous stories of experiences book. This book distribution was my guru maharajas purpose. Its core beliefs are based on the hindu scriptures, particularly the bhagavad gita and the. Srila prabhupada used to stress a lot on book distribution. The mission of this website is to increase the number of people who have been blessed by reading srila prabhupadas books.

Gallery book distribution sri sri radha gopinath temple. Seven secrets of highly successful book distributors. Book distribution spiritual quotes by iskcon desire tree. Presidents meeting in dallas, texas with a mission. The iskcon dallas temple is affiliated with the nearby tkg academy, which provides private school academic. Book distribution marathon by iskcon juhu devotees. Varsha usgaonkar marathi film actress receives bhagavad gita as it is. International society for krishna consciousness wikipedia. The following activities take place at iskcon narasaraopet. For the 50th anniversary year of iskcon, the 50th book distribution marathon is upon us. So our main technique for preaching is to dive deep within the process of krishna consciousness and to have our own personal experience of getting a taste for the. When i saw this book distribution report on facebook, i couldnt help but post it. What is my contribution to srila prabhupadas book marathon. Iskcon of houston community has taken up the distribution of srila prabhupadas books as a topmost priority.

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