17 craziest series finales

By the end of the episode, the war has drawn to an exhausted close, and the residents of the 4077th are scattering after many tearful farewells. Were taking a look at popular tv shows that failed to stick the. Abc today released its schedule of primetime season finales, including series finales for network staples once upon a time and the middle. Dont miss any tv show premieres, season premieres, finales, and specials you want to see. Sidereel s calendar makes it easy to track your favorite shows. Regardless, these series finales are all memorable in one way or the other. The 10 most wtf television series finales screen rant. Here at we have one that we think is the best youll find anywhere. The us version did a fairly good job throughout the series, but went awry for the finale. We dont care about the good or the bad today though, we want to look at the craziest series finales, the ones that either seem to go. So many series feel the need to service fans in their finales, but shawn ryan and co. There are a few things breaking bad needs to avoid if the amc series wants to stick the landing.

Many of these fans had been watching the series for seven years at that point, so revealing a. Infuriating series finales and finales that were awesome. That episode will air on cbs on tuesday, april 14 at 8 p. The pitched episode certainly wouldve made for one of the most mindblowing finales a star trek series has pulled off, but star trek. Were looking at the worst series finales of alltime. Here are 10 of the most terribly received series finales of all time.

When is the ncis season 17 finale after coronavirus. All that, paw patrol, are you afraid of the dark nickelodeon renews eight series for 202021. Here is a look at 7 most infuriating series finales and 8 that were awesome. The networks wrap up the 20162017 season with a few series finales and a lot of shows set to return in the fall. Spoilers ahead from the girls series finale of all the questions left unanswered by sunday nights series finale of girls, one screams. Series finales are sometimes used as a backdoor pilot to launch spinoff series. The top ten worst tv series finales 1 how i met your mother how i met your mother is an american sitcom that originally aired on cbs from september 19, 2005, to march 31, 2014. As house tells his story and the class gradually fills up. Abc announces season finales and series finales tvweek. Last week, the americans ended with an incredible finale episode. That disappointing finale usually happens when a series has already run its.

The broadcast networks in the coming weeks will bring their fall and midseason series to a close, while a cluster of cable programs will also wrap. The series finale of seinfeld is also among the most divisive in the history of television, and it all begins with an amusing swerve. Deep space nine executive producer rick berman wasnt. The 10 mostwatched tv series finales ever mental floss.

Hidden remote counts down the top 25 greatest series finales of all time. Ending a tv show is equal parts philosophy, craft, and luck. Like a bad ending can completely ruin an otherwise good film or book, a tv shows final episode can leave such a. For a series known for its laughs, mash went down in history with a real tearjerker. Fans were really disappointed by pretty little liars series finale and one of the big reasons was the big reveal of a. Maintaining credibility in a series about a cop who travels from 2008 to 1973 was challenging enough. As finales go, this one was up there with the greatest and craziest, and the series went on to win the 2008 eisner award for best limited series. The series focused on the lives of a group of teenage friends living in the fictional suburban town of point place, wisconsin, from may 17, 1976, to december 31, 1979. From yoga retreat revelations, to climactic death, and tearyeyed moments, here are of the best television series finales ever. Some finales that were considered, but not included are roseanne, the xfiles, felicity, veronica mars, twin peaks, mash yes, mash and the aforementioned lost series finale. From critical darlings girls, bloodline to signature network shows the vampire diaries, bones thr takes a look at the soontobe dearly departed. T e f l o n you may need this valve meets or exceeds the following standards.

Bullzeyes favorite tv finales, best series finales, best. The 10 most disappointing tv finales, according to angry. The worst tv show endings carry an extra sting because viewers. The series follows the main character, ted mosby, and his group of friends in manhattan. Classic series replacement parts page 10 for additional replacement parts, visit. You had a lot of fun that night, but probably dont remember much. Mash 19721983 after 11 seasons of hilarity and heartbreak, the korean war comedy ended with a twoand a half hour tv movie that aired feb. The series two longstanding romances joshdonna and cjdanny looked to be poised for good things, but the big question mark was the future of toby zeigler richard schiff, who had gotten himself into some serious legal trouble by leaking classified military information in order to save three astronauts in a previous episode. When you talk about a show overstaying its welcome you cant forget beverly hills 90210. Vbelt guys 1408 n c ave sioux falls, sd 57104 180029715 hours. House takes over a diagnostics class for a day and presents the class with three case studies of leg pain.

The mystery of the series was whether or not sam tyler actually traveled back in time, is dead or simply in a coma. Although, with over 1,700 comments and counting in our lost finale explanation piece, it does appear that maybe i should amend this article and include it as an. They started out strong, but these shows ended with the worst series finales ever. Fans were thinking that sam tyler had traveled back in time, or maybe he was dead or in a coma. Shockingly, there are many shows that ended on a very bad note. There are few, probably, who would take the stance that the last hour of breaking bad was one of. Cbs ncis brought season 17 to an early close with an episode that ultimately sent gibbs on a 5,000mile journey, but not before he took an even bigger step by opening up to a colleague. Over the years, many of the critics of series finale of the sopranos have come around to see another side of the ending. Shows with the best freakin series finales of all time ranker. Houses ex stacy warner asks him to treat her husband. Some series went in a different direction that usually upset their fanbase. The 15 best tv series finales of all time mental floss.

That episode is the only finale of any show ive ever seen that completely retroactively ruins the show for me. A series finale refers to the last installment of an episodic entertainment series, most often the. The show leads off by making us think jerry and george are. Two wellknown examples include the andy griffith show s series finale, which launched the spinoff mayberry rfd and the practices series finale, and much of its final season was used as a launching pad for boston legal, starring james spader and william shatner. More than 30 years after the wildly popular korean warbased dramedy, which starred alan alda and aired on. This means that ncis season 17, episode 20, titled the arizona, will be the last episode of the season. The series finale of the sopranos spent the better part of its runtime wrapping up a mob war that crippled the. Good, nay, great series finales dont get a lot of time to shine, because good series finales are like a good college party. Here are 17 of the best series finales of all time, from mash to the. Some are singing a completely different tune after having some time for reflection. Turns out the beetles never showed because a plastic fruit factory has destroyed their breeding grounds and effectively wiped out their entire population.

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