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Download safety assessment of imidazolidinyl urea as used in. Prevent the products used to fight the fire from going into drains, sewers, or waterways. Origin sodium dehydroacetate is the sodium salt of dehydroacetic acid, a fungicide and bactericide that is commonly used as a food preservative. Benzyl alcohol is metabolized to benzoic acid, which reacts with glycine and excreted as hippuric acid in the human body. Analysis of preservative additives in food by agilent 7820a gc. Sodium dehydroacetate is a preservative that is used in the formulation of cosmetics and personal care products in order to extend the shelflife by preventing microbial contamination. Repairing silky cream by terlys this repairing silky cream is designed to accelerate healing, improve the general characteristics of cutaneous microrelief and accelerate the regeneration of the skin barrier, hence suitable for the. It is listed on the eafus everything added to food. Benzyl alcohol, sodium benzoate, dehydroacetic acid. Hence, the simultaneous determination of these preservatives in. In 2003, the cir expert panel considered available new data on dehydroacetic acid and sodium dehydroacetate and reaffirmed the above conclusion. Article information, pdf download for 4 final report on the safety. Useful synthons in organic synthesis outlines the use of dha and its derivatives for the synthesis of pharmacologically active heterocyclic compounds.

Dehydroacetic acid is characterized as a white to cream crystalline powder. Sodium dehydroacetate, dehydroacetic acid, and cosmetics containing. Use water to cool tanks, cisterns, or containers close to the heat source or fire. Dehydroacetic acid dha labeled with c 14 in four carbon atoms has been synthesized. Dehydroacetic acid and its derivatives are widely used as an intermediates in organic synthesis. Both compounds are rapidly absorbed when administered orally or on the skin of test animals. Benzyl alcohol and dehydroacetic acid cosmetic science talk. Dehydroacetic acid had an inhibitory effect on hepatoma induction in rats when fed 4dimethylaminoazobenzene. Nov 10, 2012 dehydroacetic acid is a preservative with mild antibacterial properties thats most effective against fungi. Sometimes its salt form known as sodium dehydroacetate is used, as it is more soluble in certain types of cosmetic formulas. Dehydroacetic acid and sodium dehydroacetate are tasteless, odorless white powders.

These ingredients are more likely to act by preventing the growth of microbes, rather than killing the microbes. Dehydroacetic acid is the cyclic ketone that conforms to the formula. Aug 25, 2017 this report describes the analysis of three kinds of food preservatives, benzoic acid, sorbic acid and dehydroacetic acid, according to the testing method for food additives described in the standard methods of analysis for hygienic chemistry. Inci composition phenoxyethanol methylparaben dehydroacetic acid 2. Dehydroacetic acid dha, benzoic acid ba, sorbic acid soa, salicylic acid sa and their sodium salts have been widely used as antimicrobial agents in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics because of their broad antimicrobial spectrum with good stability and nonvolatility. The list of cosmetic products below is a selection of the most requested cosmetics that contain the ingredient dehydroacetic acid. Dehydroacetic acid is an organic compound which has several industrial applications. In subchronic studies no significant adverse effects were observed in rats, mice, or dogs when 10% sorbic acid was included in the diet. In cosmetics and personal care products, dehydroacetic acid and. Rapport konserveringsmidler i kosmetiske produkter miljostyrelsen. Analysis of benzoic acid, sorbic acid and dehydroacetic acid. These polyurethane copolymers are a highly heterogeneous group of structures created from diverse diisocyanate, glycol, and carboxylic acid. The cir expert panel evaluated the scientific data and concluded that dehydroacetic acid and sodium dehydroacetate were safe as cosmetic ingredients in the present practices of use and concentration. Final report on the safety assessment of sorbic acid and.

Dehydroacetic acid is an organic compound, pyrone derivative with a wide variety of different applications in many important key industries. Benzoic acid is an aromatic acid used in a wide variety of cosmetics as a ph adjuster and preservative. Dha administered orally to rabbits at a dose level of 250 mgkg did not increase the urinary excretion of glucuronides or ethereal sulfates. Until these data are available, it is concluded that the available data. No evidence of tumor induction by dehydroacetic acid was detected in a 64week study. Anonymous 1990 final report on the safety assessment of phenoxyethanol. Dehydroacetic acid sodium salt stability in cosmetic preservative mixtures. The ansm report evaluation du risque lie a lutilisation du phenoxyethanol dans les produits cosmetiques concludes that the maximum authorised concentration currently of 1% of phenoxyethanol for use as a preservative should be lowered to 0. Thanks to its preserving and stabilizing qualities, dehydroacetic acid, main application is in the cosmetic and personal care industry, as well as food industry, according to local regulation.

Final report safety assessment of malic acid and sodium maiate a. Pesticide properties for dehydroacetic acid, including approvals, environmental fate, ecotoxicity and human health issues. It is an optimised blend which combines the activity of different groups of compounds. Final report on the safety assessment of benzyl alcohol. Small oral doses 2070 mgkg of c 14dha were not rapidly excreted. Based on the available information included in this report, the cir expert panel concluded that glycolic and lactic acid, their common salts and their simple esters, are safe for use in cosmetic products at concentrations. Dehydroacetic acid skin deep cosmetics database ewg. Nonopen access articles that fall outside this five year window are available only to institutional subscribers and current aspet members, or through the article purchase feature at the bottom of the page. Dehydroacetic acid sodium salt stability in cosmetic. No evidence of mutagenicity was reported for either ingredient use. Jpet articles become freely available 12 months after publication, and remain freely available for 5 years. Ewgs skin deep rates thousands of personal care product ingredients, culled from ingredient labels on products, based on hazard information pulled from the scientific literature and industry, academic and regulatory databases. Reactivity of dehydroacetic acid in organic synthesis.

The cir expert panel noted that sodium dehydroacetate and dehydroacetic acid are effective antimicrobials at low concentrations less than and equal to 0. Know about technical details of dehydroacetic acid like. Dehydroacetic acid drug information, uses, side effects. Final report on the safety assessment of sorbic acid. Sorbic acid and potassium sorbate were practically nontoxic to rats and mice in acute oral toxicity studies. The metabolism of dehydroacetic acid dha sciencedirect. Dehydroacetic acid definition of dehydroacetic acid by. Benzoic acid, sorbic acid, dehydroacetic acid 2 gml each in water the chromatogram of standard mixture displayed in fig. Beginning with an introduction to the chemistry and reactivity of dehydroacetic acid, the book goes on to outline the key ring transformation reactions of dha. Sodium dehydroacetate and dehydroacetic acid are used as preservatives in cosmetic formulations at concentrations of 1. It is more likely to prevent them from growing in products than killing them off though. It is designated as safe for general or specific, limited use in food. Final report on the safety assessment of glycolic acid. In this paper, we report several methods used for synthesizing this acid.

Dehydroacetic acid and its derivatives 1st edition. This report describes the results of the project, including a survey of the market and the results of. Overview kemaben dha is a liquid system with broad spectrum antimicrobial activity based on well accepted and safe cosmetic preservatives. Sorbic acid is a straightchain monocarboxylic acid used in cosmetic formulations as a preservative at concentrations up to 1. Fungicides have the ability to kill continue reading sodium. Sodium dehydroacetate and dehydroacetic acid are used as preservatives in cosmetic. Cir compendium, containing abstracts, discussions, and conclusions of cir cosmetic ingredient safety assessments. It presents as an odorless, colorless to white crystalline powder, almost insoluble in water and moderately soluble in most organic solvents. A preliminary report on the antimicrobic properties of dehydroacetic acid. Repeatability of 100 ugml preservative standards spiked in juice sample 5 runs with the first run excluded sorbic dehydroacetic benzoic acid acid acid c 8h 8o 3 c 9h 10o 3 c 10h 12o 3 c 11h 14o 3 area mean 841031. Usa safe for cosmetic ingredient in the present practices of use and concentration. Dehydroacetic acid dha journal of pharmacology and. Environmental risk assessment guidance manual for industrial chemicals. This report has been prepared by nicnas using a range of sources, including.

Side effects dehydroacetic acid is generally considered to be safe. Japan maximum level of dehydroacetic acid should be 0. Sigmaaldrich 3050 spruce street saint louis mo 63103 usa telephone. Sodium benzoate is the sodium salt of benzoic acid used as a preservative, also in a wide range of cosmetic product types.

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